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Things to Note about the American Dream

Almost all the migrants who migrated to the US for a new fresh had to bump into the Statue of Liberty. In fact, this was the very first thing that they bumped on. The Statue of Liberty did signify an integral message and fact to these immigrants; a fresh start. Therefore, the statue has remained a fundamental iconic symbol that signifies hope, new opportunities; The American Dream. This article showcases some fundamental facts to note in regard to the American Dream.

There is a hard truth that all men and women should learn that people are equal regardless of their dwellings or origin. The Statue of Liberty was a fundamental way for signifying equality in democracy, rights, opportunities and a promising life. The American Dream is purely founded and anchored in the Declaration of Independence which is strengthened by the Constitution in the preamble section.

The rights of all the people is to be protected by the government. It is integral for populaces to have their ideas and march towards achieving and implementing them. The government should enhance the American Dream by supporting these people in their errands to augment and implement their ideologies or ideas.

The American Dream is strongly and indisputably protected by the Declaration of Independence. As a person pursues their happiness, a person becomes ambitious and creative. Therefore, through the American Dream, populaces have been able to augment a fruitful life and path. Therefore, it deem fit to have an idea and then march forward towards achieving that goal or idea.

Democracy was a principle promoted by the American Dream. As people pay their taxes, they should be able to express their democratic rights through electing leaders. These are leaders who would usher the people to their destined lives. There was a jury set which could settle legal cases. In addition, the country experienced the glimpse of having a free trade which is even experienced today.

Theoretically, the populaces’ rights are ultimately promoted and protected by the American Dream. Populaces through the protection availed by the American Dream were able to give their utmost to the society or rather the community which was a plus. This made it possible for the country to become better and better every day and as a result, the lives for other citizens upgraded as well.

In the world today, there are so many nations which have not only borrowed but have been following the American Dream keenly. As a result, there are so many countries that have been replicating the development experienced and recorded in the US. As a result, these nations have been recording free trade hence an advanced economy.

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